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Blue Bird, together with the Partners, founds an international coalition for promotion of the healthy
sitting habits. Our ultimate goal is to enable the office employees across the globe to keep correct posture, so that they enjoy healthy back for longer. Bluebird aims to raise the awareness of importance of the correct posture among office workers globally.
Next, we offer a real preventive solution to the musculoskeletal problems, which are the single most widespread reason of illness-related work absence in many countries.
At Blue Bird, we wanted to offer a real solution to back pain issues that the office and home office workers cope with daily. We believe in balancing the known with the new, to create solutions that improve quality of life, and are effortless for the user. Starting with the issue of back pain among office workers, we took under consideration requirements of the modern office swivel chair. The form of Blue Bird Hybrid Chair follows the function and offers unparalleled versatility, embodied in a stunning, aesthetically appealing piece of furniture. We took great care to design
a device that would match the modern office furniture lines, and would be at home both in the boardroom and behind open space desk. Last but not least, Blue Bird Hybrid Chair is affordable.
To achieve its mission of helping office workers keep their back healthy, Blue Bird aims for widespread adoption. This is what unites Blue Bird and its partners, who put the wellbeing of office staff at the center and consider an ergonomic, well-designed workplace a necessity, and not a luxury.
Matthew Kieryllo - CEO of Blue Bird Ergonomics, co-inventor of BlueBird chair, industrial designer and architect
Industrial and interior designer, specialised in office space ergonomics. Apart from the office furniture design, Mateusz Kieryłło has 7+ years of experience as the interior architect at his studio KIERYLLO DESIGN.
His projects include office, public and private spaces. In his works, Mr. Kieryłło builds from inside out, starting with users and the planned interactions between them and the everyday environment. Prior to founding KIERYLLO DESIGN, Matthew Kieryllo gained exposure to the best industry practices in some of the leading international industrial design offices. He exposed his works at industrial design expositions e.g. in Berlin, Frankfurt, Monachium and Milan, Warsaw. Matthew Kieryllo graduated (MA) from Department of Architecture and Interiors, and Department of Industrial Design and Visual Communication.
Andrew Kieryllo – co-inventor of BlueBird chair, office furniture designer and PR expert
Industrial and furniture designer, with 30+ years of experience, topped with extensive experience in mounting successful PR campaigns. Mr. Kieryllo has a solid managerial experience in office furniture manufacturing. He founded and led for 15 years ARKA, an office furniture company that he later gradually sold and integrated into SAMAS Group (previously Sharf A.G., Germany). Leading the company, he introduced to the Polish market e.g. first office furniture systems with integrated cable routing solutions that were next licensed to 4 different office furniture manufacturers. Inventor of the keyboard drawer. Mr Kieryllo also has a serious experience in country-wide PR campaigns.
He was advisor to three ex-prime ministers. He is an image and campaign management expert, and experienced creator of the brand.
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